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by karl erickson

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Genre is always tricky but we go with “mid-fi trippy”…  interaction and forward movement. Short and sweet, with an escape hatch to the cosmos. Magical rough edges.

Like Sting and Robert Pollard before their glory days, Chris Colthart is a (middle school) teacher who plays writes and  records in the garage outside his house in Highland Park, Los Angeles. He used to tour with Papas Fritas. He spoke French on live TV to 2 million people and Yoko Ono. Then came L.A. and the Faraway Places, which slouched into Which Wave.

Sara Kelly sings with Homesick Elephant and organizes offbeat events like the “Hikes without Mics” outdoor concerts. Charlie Estes plays trumpet and bass and has performed with Olivia Tremor Control, Dark Meat, and other Elephant 6 stuff. Eric Bartels is a solid freakin' guy and plays drums with a lot of soul, like he used to do in the Lottery. Sometimes Sid Cooper plays guitar too… he’s in the New Creeps and he’s English.

As the Faraway Places, we performed at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, as well as at the Eagle Rock Music Festival and a residency at the Echo. Which Wave now favors DIY venues, house parties, artspaces, and anything outdoors, where reverb sounds otherworldly and the drums are never too loud.


Which Wave shares human DNA with: Guided by Voices, Kurt Vile, Royal Trux, Bill Baird, Ultimate Painting, Cleaners from Venus, Can, and the Fall.

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